Thursday, July 5, 2007

He didn't say "no!"

I saw my doctor on Monday to discuss the Marshall Protocol. The good news is: he didn't say no!

The bad news is—no, I'm not going to focus on "bad." I'm not even going to characterize the passage of time as "bad." So what if it's another month before I can start the MP? Time is one thing I have plenty of.

Anyway, my doctor said that if he finds nothing harmful about the protocol, he is willing to let me try it. At least, that's how I interpret his remarks. The important thing is that he didn't dismiss it, and he seems to understand where I'm coming from.


Laurie said...

Sounds promising!

Laura said...

I have my fingers crossed!

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

I'm with Laurie, this sounds very promising!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura. You are a source of inspiration for me. Your commitment to relentlessly pursue the accumulation of relevant data related to both your health issues and possible remedies is exactly what is going to result in your return to a life of happiness.

Reading your posts to date leads me to two quickie questions. If either is too personal, please both ignore them and accept my apology for any offense.

First, have you implemented any "pre-Marshall" strategies such as eliminating sunlight and vitamin D, adhering to their food tips, etc.? If so, any early impressions?

Second, what area of law did you study?