Thursday, July 17, 2008

out during daylight

I actually went out this week. I went to get my hair done. My niece is getting married this weekend and so vanity required that I get it cut and colored.

The good news is, all the hormonal adjustments the MP has caused mean that my hair is healthier than it's been in years. It's thicker, smoother, stronger, and isn't falling out or breaking all the time. The bad news is, it's still coming in about half white (it started going gray when I was 27, shortly before I got sick). The good news is, my stylist got the color to exactly the color it was when I was a teenager! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Someday my natural color will be back. There was an 80 year old man on the MP whose hair had been white for decades and it suddenly started coming in dark. So there's hope.

I was out for about four hours and really found the sun oppressive. It didn't make me feel ill, but getting out of the sun was a relief. During the drive home (heading west) I put a scarf over the lower half of my face (along with hat, NoIR sunglasses, gloves, long sleeves, jeans, and boots) and the relief was palpable. When I got home I wanted nothing more than to retreat into my dark bedroom; I even shut the door which I don't usually bother to do. When I shut my eyes I saw flashing lights. Eek! Fortunately the flashing went away after twenty or thirty minutes, and I felt much better. Since then, just a little extra tired.

My niece is getting married on Saturday evening and I will probably be out during daylight for about six hours. It shouldn't be too bad as I'll be well prepared.

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