Thursday, January 10, 2008


Symptoms: mild headache, joint & muscular pain. Not sleeping well. Cold, tired, a little scared about what I'm getting into. Hunger has slacked off a bit and I actually got full twice yesterday and stopped eating when there was still food on my plate. A very good thing!!

Activity: I went on a successful shopping quest yesterday for boot-cut jeans and also went to choir practice, where I found standing very fatiguing but otherwise did better than I expected. However, a few hours before I left for town, I couldn't handle the idea of going out into the sun for ten minutes for a gentle walk around the back yard with my dad. Have I always felt this way about bright light? I think so, except for the years I lived in Chicago.

The shopping quest victory was something major to scratch off my to-do list. My plan is to wear my cowgirl boots whenever I have to go outside while on the MP (I am, after all, a Texan) but I didn't have a pair of boot-cut jeans that fit. I tried to buy new ones but couldn't find a pair that fit: I'm short, low-rise jeans don't fit (I tried on many pairs), and I need the heavy non-stretch denim that's not very popular right now. In short (so to speak), I need an old-fashioned pair of jeans. I didn't really think it would be that difficult to find them in Beaumont, but I was wrong. I almost bought some Wrangler's at a western wear store but they were too long. I lost count of the number of jeans I tried on at Sears, the Gap, etc. Based on my experiences trying on new jeans, I was wary of buying jeans on eBay: the cuts, fabrics, and sizing have all changed in the last few years.

Yesterday I went to the resale shops and had much better luck. I found TWO pairs that fit out of approximately two dozen pairs tried on. They were both Levi's, and very inexpensive too! And as a bonus, I also found an item which has been on my "I need to get one of those one of these days" list: a globe. It's on a stand, is fairly recent, and has a lot of details far above and beyond what I would have happily settled for-- for $10! Don't you just love bargains? I was wishing for a globe just a couple of days ago when reading a spy novel where the terrorists crossed the border in Vermont and I couldn't recall the exact geography-- and who wants to stop and look up something on Google Earth when you're in the middle of a good book?

On the MP front, I should have my meds in hand this afternoon; still waiting for my special sunglasses and Vit D test results; hope to go get the handicap tag this afternoon; haven't started the curtains.

I posted at least once before on the timing of everything coming together so that I could start the MP this spring, and last night was gifted with another one: after this Sunday (the 13th), due to a variety of reasons which I won't list, my church choir will not be singing but once in the next five weeks. This Sunday we are premiering a new piece our conductor wrote, which I don't want to miss. I was already tentatively planning to start the MP on Monday at the earliest so that I wouldn't miss mass this week, and I have tentatively been planning to hibernate for about six weeks. So it is all working out!

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