Monday, January 7, 2008

Tough week

This has been a hard week, but I'm moving forward with my MP preparations. I've ordered my special sunglasses and purchased blackout liner to make curtains. I've got hats, gloves, and scarves. Still a few things yet to check off the list, but I'm making progress slowly but surely.

The hardest part of the last couple of weeks has been weaning off of some of the meds I've been taking. One in particular is hard to live without. Some old symptoms are coming back that it used to control; the biggest one is that I am hungry all the time. I get no satisfaction or pleasure from eating, and never feel full, even though I'm eating two or three times as much as I was a couple of weeks ago! (I am afraid to get on the scale.) It's mostly blood sugar and it's no fun, but I know that the MP will fix it in time-- not just mask the symptoms. So I guess it's a reminder of why I'm about to start the MP.

I have been very tired. Lots of brain fog, general malaise, some grumpiness. Also low grade fever, some edema (from weaning off the above-mentioned drug), some joint and muscle pain. I'm weaning off coffee, too, but have had fewer symptoms from that than I expected, at least compared to all the other symptoms. I had some bad headaches this week but that was before restricting caffeine and between pain meds and heating pads, they went away. I think it was just tension.

I am ready to start the MP. Just got to get those last few things done first.


Susan in St. Paul said...

Good Luck!

I wear sun-precaution or clothing made from solarveil pretty much all the time. I use these kids stickers to measure if I am getting too much sun, though unfortunately you will have to be much more vigilant.

Today at the dentist, I realized that I needed to shield my face better from the light.

I have black out curtain, you need them to be quite full and to have valances if you don't want to let any light in, it somehow sneaks around otherwise. A cheap solution is aluminum foil.

When do you start this in earnest and what is the estimate on how long it will take to see decent progress.

Also sorry to hear about your kitty :-(

Laurie said...

I'll be following your progress. Keep us posted.

Adela said...

Susan, yes, I have to be much more vigilant! I started to explain it here and realized I should save it for a blog post. :-) Thanks for the tip about the curtains-- I had pretty much decided to use the full 54" width for my 34" windows simply for ease (the edges are already finished, and I'm not sure what I would do with the leftover pieces). I am just making a rod pocket and a hem, and hanging them with a tension rod. I will hang a pretty silk curtain from a decorative rod above the window. But I was seriously considering doing a more tailored flat curtain (it's pretty heavy fabric-- Roc-Lon blackout lining) so I appreciate your advice.

I don't have a set start date, but the earliest that I can start, assuming everything is done by then, is Monday the 14th.

Thanks for the condolences about my kitty. I miss her every day!

Laurie, I'm going to post as much as I can. You will probably be complaining of TMI before long! Thank you for supporting me. It means a lot.