Sunday, January 13, 2008

MP checklist

Symptoms: extereme fatigue ("post exertional malaise"), hot and cold. Pain, headache, etc. minimal.

I actually took a nap today, which is perhaps not surprising given the amount of activity I've had the last few days. I don't usually take naps. Really doing quite well considering.

My dad continues to improve. He was able to exert himself for some minimal physical activity today and his brain is sharper than mine and Mom's combined.

I still have three big things left on my pre-MP checklist. I am still waiting for my NoIR sunglasses. I have to get the handicap tags for the cars (tried to do this Friday but was unable to). And I have yet to set a stitch to make curtains! I will get the tags tomorrow, and start on the curtains on Tuesday. Hopefully I can start on Wednesday. I have had success with finding other items that I need (clothing, low-wattage lightbulbs, etc.) and I'm Ready.