Tuesday, January 22, 2008

T minus 1 day and counting

I start the Marshall Protocol tomorrow!!

The drapery-making experiment was successful and my bedroom and study are now very dark. I have been using smaller-wattage bulbs, reducing it in stages. 30 lux isn't really all that dark; it's like mood-lighting in a restaurant.

Since my experience the other day with flourescent lighting, I've been trying to minimize my exposure to flourescents, using the NoIRs whenever they are unavoidable. This house is principally lit by two methods: flourescents and huge windows letting in lots of natural light. I am planning to stay in my two rooms during daylight, though we are working on making two other rooms MP-compatible too. The biggest challenge is the kitchen/dining area, but we aren't dealing with that right now. With any luck my photosensitivity will lessen within a couple of months.

Today I have a doctor's appointment to get an MP-compatible cholesterol medication (which I've been trying to do for months) and will go shopping to purchase a few more things, plus MP-compatible foods. And I'm going to the chiropractor. Haven't seen him in a while and I've missed him!