Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My word for the day is ambivalence.

I just realized that my posts so far are rather negative. I've also been having some difficulty playing nice in responding to the answers to my questions over at the MP bbs.

So I want to make it clear that despite my frustrations and skepticism, I am actually optimistic about going on the Marshall Protocol and regaining my health.

I still have a lot of skepticism and have yet to attempt to convince my doctor (can't do it without a willing doctor to prescribe meds and order certain bloodtests, at an absolute minimum). But my mom seems to be coming around to the idea and I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about how the required changes in my life are do-able.

Or, in my mom's words, I've gone from "there's no way I can do this crazy thing" to "I'm just crazy enough I might try this thing."

If I do it --assuming I can get my doctor onboard-- I plan to start somewhere around my birthday, or perhaps summer solstice (either of which would be highly appropriate).


Laurie said...

Don't worry about sounding too negative. The more you write, the more it will balance out. Years from now, when you come back and read what your wrote, you'll be glad you were honest.

Laura said...

You're right of course. Thanks. That is one of the reasons I created a blog.

Laurie said...

To track your visitors, you have to install a statistics counter code into your template. I use Stat Counter (

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Laurie is right. Just let it out.

Laurie said...

Regarding the Stat Counter, there's a spot in there so it won't count your own visits.

Laura said...

I think I found that, after I had tripped it myself about six times. :-) Thanks!