Friday, May 18, 2007


I went to a CLE this morning, on the subject of Family Law.  
Why do we call it  "family law" when it destroys families?
Shouldn't we call it "anti-family law"— or, here's a novel
idea: "Divorce Law."

(I don't practice divorce law, but I have to get in a certain number of CLE hours, and this is what they were offering this month.)

Recognized quite a few people there, made some new friends, and noticed a preponderence of western boots with suits.  I pulled my boots out of the closet when I got home and dusted them off.


Laurie said...

Ah, dusting off the boots is a very good sign. Just don't wear them into the backyard and piss off nature.

Laura said...

Thanks, Laurie! That made me laugh out loud.