Thursday, May 17, 2007

crummy old shoes

I have a pair of crummy old slip-on shoes that I keep by the back door, so that I don't get splinters in my feet from the deck or step on a pinecone or something less fun.

Earlier this week, I went far out back with the dogs, wearing my comfy crummy old open-back shoes. I was admiring a blooming oleander by the back fence when I noticed ants. On my feet. Ouch.

This is not all that unusual an occurrence, and what I normally do is leave the shoes outside for a few hours until the ants have lost interest and vacated the shoes. So that's what I did. A few hours later, I checked them, but there were still ants on them, so I left them. Late that night, I went out to get them, and noticed a puddle on and around one shoe. That's right. One of the dogs had peed on it. I guess I left it too close to a plant or something. At any rate, it was 11pm and so I left them there, planning to deal with it on the morrow.

Next morning, I went out to get them, intending to throw them into the washer, and the OTHER shoe had a pile of dog poo on, around, and IN it.

Who knew a dog could aim so well with his poop?

There they sit still.


Laurie said...

Hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! That's funny! Nature loves your shoes. I hate nature.

Laura said...

What can I say, Laurie? You're an inspiration to me.