Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long time no post

It's been a while, so hello to all my blogger friends, and sorry for neglecting you. I hope y'all're all (as we say around here) well.

I have not been very well. I have not yet found a Marshall Protocol doctor, which is mostly my own fault for not trying harder. In answer to a question from an anonymous reader: no, I haven't implemented any pre-MP changes. They do not really recommend it on the website, the reasoning being that before you start doing things like reducing your Vitamin D levels (both diet and sunlight), you should have the "Benicar blockade" in place, because its entire purpose is to protect you from the effects of activating your immune system.

I have, however, made several lists and plans for what to do as soon as I have the written prescriptions in my hot little hand. Order the special sunglasses, buy blockout curtain liners and hardware, make curtains, buy gloves and hats.

Right now I am doing the only thing that's made me feel better in the past two years since my last relapse: a detox fast called the Master Cleanse. I'll spare you the gory details (which are not pretty) and just say that yes, by "fasting" I mean no solid food and no, it's not unhealthy or crazy. A standard Master Cleanse is ten days and I am currently on Day 2. I may go shorter or longer than ten days, but I will definitely do at least 5. Last time I did about 21 days if I recall correctly.

Answer to Anonymous's second question: I have law school certificates for international law and intellectual property law, but I don't hold any board certifications. These days I am a generalist, but I'm not really practicing right now except for helping friends and family. For example, I recently did a will, now I'm doing a trust, and I've written leases and provided advice regarding landlord and tenant law as well as divorce law. I make no pretensions that my advice was worth much more than my various relatives paid for it, but I have taken CLE courses in estate planning and "family" law.


Laurie said...

It was nice to hear from you again. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Adela :-)

I'm really glad you're still vigorously pursuing both information and improvement related to your health.

Best wishes for a wonderful concert!


Adela said...

Thanks, D! And oops, I never said thanks to you, Laurie, so thanks now!

I really appreciate all comments.

Thunder Rabbit said...

Hey cutie

I'm glad to see you're posting again! Now a mad dash to catch up!

I've wanted to do a little bunny booty cleanse as well; I wonder where online to get started.

smooch smooch
- Rob!