Thursday, September 6, 2007

MC Day 4

Today has been a good day, MC-wise. I have pretty much forgotten about food, forgotten I'm fasting, even. Making progress.

Otherwise, it's been a tough day. I have been doing some chores, but ordinarily I would hardly be able to do them at all, so it counts as a good thing.

Choir practice went well last night. Put October 7th (6:30p.m.) on your calendar for our concert at St. Anthony Cathedral-Basilica! I am singing some solos and the choir is sounding terrific!


Anne Bradshaw said...

What an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing all this. Hope you are overcoming the illness. Found your blog when searching for others who enjoy genealogy.

Laura said...

Thanks, Anne! I am definitely a genealogy nut, currently trying to dig up something on my direct maternal line, which I have now only to an immigrant ancestress who was born in Luxembourg circa 1825.