Monday, September 10, 2007

MC day 8

Here I am on the 8th day of my detox cleanse. A "normal" MC is ten days. Last time I went 19 (plus four days to get back onto solid food). This time I plan to just listen to what my body says and go on as long as I'm feeling good about it.

One thing I've done differently this time around is that I've had fewer servings of lemonade, and I've been making it less sweet. Lately I've been having to force myself to drink the recommended number each day. I am drinking lots of water. I have not had a low blood sugar episode yet on this cleanse.

Had a big day yesterday. After singing at church in the morning (including a small solo), my church choir sang for a special mass yesterday afternoon at the Cathedral-Basilica for couples celebrating their 25th wedding anniversaries this year. We did the same music as we'd sung in the morning, and it went really well. That church is such a joy to sing in! It was a nice anticipation for us of our concert next month.

Afterwards, most of the group went to Rio Rita's for dinner. Normally I would have been all over that like a duck on a junebug, but I really didn't think I needed to watch my friends drinking and eating Mexican food while I drank water.

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