Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MC day 9

For the first time on a cleanse, I've started feeling an energy boost. Well, sort of. Usually I feel good after the cleanse, but a lot of people report having lots of energy during the cleanse, as soon as the first few days are finished. I've never had any energy during the cleanse, though I do feel better. Yesterday afternoon, I went to town to run several errands. When I was done, I was in the vicinity of Curves, so I went in for a short workout.

This is significant for several reasons. One, I haven't been to Curves at all since about April. It's just been a rough summer. It's been so rough that I haven't left the house much at all and when I do go to town to run errands, I have to rest for days afterwards. So the fact that I both wanted to go to Curves and was able to go after a few hours of running errands is unheard of.

Also, my caffeine addiction is gone. I went without coffee and had tea instead this past weekend. It was hard the first day, because I really craved it--I hadn't realized how much I crave it--but the amazing thing is that the third day, the craving completely went away and I didn't even bother to have any tea. And I didn't have a headache! Nary a twinge! Usually if I miss my morning caffeine dose, I have a severe headache by 3pm. And on my first cleanse, when I quit coffee cold turkey, I had headaches.

Maybe getting decaffeinated and the energy boost are connected. Perhaps I'll try staying off coffee, at least for a while, after this cleanse is over. Then again, perhaps not.

In other departments, my joint pain is gone, my skin has cleared up, old scars are fading, and my edema is mostly gone. I'm starting to look forward to preparing and eating the right kinds of foods after the cleanse.


Laurie said...

Congratulations! I don't think I would last a day.

Laura said...

Thanks! As they say over at the forum, the MC ain't for sissies-- but neither is it as hard as it sounds. And it is rewarding.