Wednesday, September 5, 2007

MC day 3

Today is Day 3 of my detox fast. It's called the Master Cleanse, and there is more info here. A few answers to FAQs I've had in the past about the MC:

The keys are fresh lemon and/or lime juice, Grade B (i.e., dark) maple syrup, good cayenne pepper (I get it in bulk), good sea salt, and good senna tea. I buy everything but the fruit organic at my local health food store, Basic Foods. In previous cleanses I've used organic fruit too and spring water, but I'm going with cheap fruit and Brita water this time.

I do a few things slightly differently from the purists: I allow myself coffee (gasp!) for the first few days, and plenty of herbal tea whenever I want it (instead of restricting to once a day), and I don't start on the "lemonade" until late afternoon. I have found that with my hypoglycemia and my anti-breakfast gene I don't want anything until lunch at the earliest. So I don't drink any lemonade in the morning.

No, I didn't buy the book advertised on the site; I bought the original book, which is still in print (and available at Basic Foods). I think however that Glickman's site is the best one about the Master Cleanse on the net, and I love the forum there. It was a significant part of my success in my first two cleanses.

I highly recommend the cleanse as an inexpensive and very effective alternative to a lot of detox products out there. But it ain't for sissies!

Anyway, Day 3 has been a pretty good day. I've had fair mental focus and haven't been hungry at all. I am still running the low-grade fever I've had off and on for weeks, and some sinus drainage, but that's pretty normal for me. I'm having a bit more edema than I like but that will go away eventually.

Tonight I have choir practice, and before that some errands to run. Gotta get moving!

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